Ningbo fastener exhibition will display new models

February 26 to 29 in 2008, in Ningbo International Convention and exhibition center fastener professional exhibition, Qunfeng Machinery Group affiliated enterprises Wuxi QunDa mechanical equipment Co. Ltd. will show two sets of equipment, one of them is equipped with pneumatic clutch brake can realize stepless variable 14B6SL lengthened parts cold heading machine.
To innovation as the target group of mechanical equipment Co. Ltd., according to the market to reflect, for the first time in the bearing type nut shaping machine is equipped with pneumatic clutch brake, start the motor to stop customers in the production debugging to cope with frequent, to protect the motor and can provide sufficient upsetting force, and stepless speed is controlled by frequency converter frequency motor, easy for customers to find the most suitable for production rate in the debugging of different products, don't bother to change the belt pulley. Customers are welcome to visit the site visit guidance.