Precision casting production line officially put into operation

  After more than two months of trial production, investment about ten million yuan renovation Qunfeng precision casting production lines, has been officially put into operation yesterday. The new production line, the maximum daily capacity of 20 tons, not only to meet the group machine building to Fung Machinery itself, can also be external processing. The new production line put into operation is another milepost history Qunfeng machinery group.
    The cupola past cast, not only high energy consumption, pollution of the environment, and the temperature is limited, not melting of some special addition of alloy elements, only the production of general grades of ductile iron. On the other hand, the molding sand is affected by temperature deformation, casting size is not easy to control, the casting quality is not just as one wishes. In order to improve the quality of cast, Qunfeng Machinery Group invested about ten million yuan to carry out technical transformation. The introduction of 2 tons, 2 sets of two tons and a set of intermediate frequency electric furnace, resin sand equipment, and gradually replaced by aluminum mold mold. After more than two months of trial production, new technology and new equipment shows great advantages, not only the electric furnace temperature can reach 1650 degrees, but is easier to grasp on the temperature control; on the other hand, the advantages of treatment of sand shaped tree is not easy deformation also let the casting dimension can be controlled, greatly reducing the machining allowance of castings also, and the casting quality can be improved considerably.
    "Quality, development, quality is the key." When asked why technological transformation of high input, Qunfeng precision casting company responsible person Mr. Zhang Bingqiang said firmly: "we must be according to the customer's feedback, the needs of the market, continuous improvement process, provide equipment and reliable quality products for customers, only in this way can we remain invincible".